Keeping precise track of time is our goal, so each of our watches is developed and manufactured with only the best Japanese technologies available. Exciting new styles that inspire the people who wear our watches is our forte.


Created, designed and manufactured in Japan, STAG TYO is synonymous with awe-inspiring dials, sleek watch cases, and perfectly-aged leather bands. Quality that is second-to-none, attention to detail that no mass-produced watch could ever match.

LOV-IN Bouquet

Lov-in Bouquet watches are designed to coordinate and complete any style. The Natural Series harnesses the best of nature’s floral masterpieces, while the Urban Series oozes sophistication and modern flair. No matter your style, there’s bound to be a Lov-in Bouquet watch to suit.


Comfortable beyond expectations and made-in-Japan quality you can trust. GRANDEUR PLUS is the perfect fit, whenever and wherever you go.


Intricately designed by our design team, GRANDEUR watches are built with Japanese-made internals and assembled only in Japan. Commitment to quality abound with GRANDEUR.


KAORU aromatherapy-inspired watches feature a world-first concept that gives users a novel way to revel in their favorite fragrances. Designed and created with Japan’s state-of-the-art materials technology.